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Orlando Weekend!

This past weekend Phil Luis and I took a quick road trip to Orlando for Battle of The Imports at the Orlando Speedway. While we were in town, we also took the opportunity to stop by some of the local stops up there and we even found time to shoot a car! On Saturday as soon as we reached Orlando we went straight to the newly relocated Reign store where we met the usual cast of characters who were still busy putting the finishing touches on the new spot. Their new spot is convenient because its just a few stores down from a Lollicup, which is another stop that we always try to make when we are in Orlando. While we were doing some light shopping at Reign, the guys invited us to stick around to check out a new product model photoshoot that was to take place after hours. We agreed, and stuck around to see the behind the scenes action. The two girls were cute, and worked well in front of the camera, operated by Mike Begonia who gave me a few tips on shooting with a backdrop which should make for interesting new projects here at the house.

The next morning Phil and I woke up and went straight to the track after an interesting morning at a safari themed McDonalds. The event was, well, eventful. Crashes, fast cars, fires, and seeing old friends pretty much summed up the time at the track.

After a long, hot, day at the track we made our way back to a location I found near Universal Studios to shoot Roger Nakada’s Amuse Widebody S2000! I’ll have more photos up later, check out the teaser and the other behind the scenes photos for now!

08 and Tjin Edition!

The Tjin Edition Skyline went live today on I shot this mean machine while I was up in Carlisle for their Style and Performance show, same time when I shot the Turtle Wax Cobalt. The weather that weekend was soo cold, but overcast all weekend which made it easy to shoot. This Skyline is truly one of a kind, there is so many hours of manual labor and custom fabrication put into this car, its mind boggling. Neil Tjin really did a number on this Skyline, which will be up for auction in Carlisle later next year, I am expecting this sucker to end up selling for a decent amount of money. You should hear the things that people say about this car as they try to figure out what the hell it is, if you haven’t already had a chance to check this thing out in person, you may already be too late, for now click the links! Check out the full feature here.


Hot Import Nights Orlando!

I know I’m a bit late with this, oh well. HIN Orlando made its usual July Orlando stop for 2008. We always look forward to this show because its right in the middle of the year, and its usually a good time because everyone comes out for the show. This year was no different.

Preston from, Erin Gross, Arthur Chiang, and some of the Miami crew came up for the festivities along with myself and Rachel Young. The drive up was interesting, Phil Luis followed us up in his rental car while we had all sorts of baggage in the truck, and when I say baggage, I really mean Devon Spencer.

After setting up the booth on Friday afternoon we made a trip to our favorite Saki bar/lounge Tatame. Maggie, the owner, treated us like royalty as usual with a round of saki bombs that started off the night. We always try to make a stop at Tatame when we are in Orlando.

The show on Saturday was usual stuff, the Urban booth was drawing crowds all night along with the cars from all over the country. Check out the coverage here and on!