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OMG! Can I Have You’re Allograft!?

Here’s a quick update on the progress of my knee.

I’m sitting at home at 12:44am putting this blog up while it feels like my stomach is tied in a knot. I am scheduled for surgery in about nine hours, which probably means I should be sleeping. I’ll be at Baptist Hospital for the night after Dr. Nestor Javech does his handy work on my left knee. After weighing my options, I’ve elected to go with an allograft to repair my knee.

What is an allograft you ask? Well that’s the same question I had, an allograft is basically a ligament transplant from a dead guy straight into my knee. Patellar, hamstring, and achilles tendons are the most commonly used. Basically, using an allograft will help cut down on post operation healing time because the operation will not involve cutting out one of my own tendons to replace my ACL.


  • No risks, pain, or scars from the donor site
  • Operative time is quicker


  • The very low risk of contracting a serious infection from the cadaver tissue. Newer techniques of tissue radiation have minimized this risk.
  • National shortage of allografts due to a high demand combined with a low supply of suitable, qualified cadavers.

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Basically what they are going to do is cut out my damaged ACL and replace it with the allograft. This is done by drilling into my bones, and threading the new/used tendon through and using screws to hold it in place, and voila! I am as good as new, well sort of. The following diagram shows exactly how they will be destroying my knee, I’m expecting to see them use a Makita drill and, wait a min I hope I don’t see them doing anything! I’m supposed to be knocked out!

So that’s the basic procedure. I am unbelievably nervous about it. If you are reading this, and have had knee surgery I’d love to hear from you! ( Sorry for the crudeness of this post, I think I’ll get some sleep now, I’ll keep everyone updated on how it all goes!