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Save The Drama For Your Mama!

Will Stern from 360 Forged wheels invited me to another shoot this week, had some time with this amazing looking BMW M5 which happens to be one of my favorite cars ever. This was technically the second photo session for the day for Will, after he nearly got pumped full of lead for trespassing at another location, but you can’t actually call yourself a photographer until something like that has happened to you. Although his story is particularly interesting. Anyway, I shot around while Will did all the big boy stuff, I was simply there to observe and to lend a helping hand where I could.

Here’s a link to Will’s photos on Flickr, he has some amazing work there, friend him, or whatever you do on flickr to see all his crap.

This below is one of my quick snap shots. Enjoy!


Orlando Weekend!

This past weekend Phil Luis and I took a quick road trip to Orlando for Battle of The Imports at the Orlando Speedway. While we were in town, we also took the opportunity to stop by some of the local stops up there and we even found time to shoot a car! On Saturday as soon as we reached Orlando we went straight to the newly relocated Reign store where we met the usual cast of characters who were still busy putting the finishing touches on the new spot. Their new spot is convenient because its just a few stores down from a Lollicup, which is another stop that we always try to make when we are in Orlando. While we were doing some light shopping at Reign, the guys invited us to stick around to check out a new product model photoshoot that was to take place after hours. We agreed, and stuck around to see the behind the scenes action. The two girls were cute, and worked well in front of the camera, operated by Mike Begonia who gave me a few tips on shooting with a backdrop which should make for interesting new projects here at the house.

The next morning Phil and I woke up and went straight to the track after an interesting morning at a safari themed McDonalds. The event was, well, eventful. Crashes, fast cars, fires, and seeing old friends pretty much summed up the time at the track.

After a long, hot, day at the track we made our way back to a location I found near Universal Studios to shoot Roger Nakada’s Amuse Widebody S2000! I’ll have more photos up later, check out the teaser and the other behind the scenes photos for now!


Bye Bye Panthers :(

Rachel and I went to the Bank Atlantic Center Saturday morning for the Panthers/Capitals practice, which is open to the public. This was the final Panthers practice of the season, as we missed the playoffs by ONE POINT!! I brought the markII with me to get some good shots, unfortunately they had the strobes at the arena on a different channel, so I couldn’t use my pocket wizard to get some extra light.

We got to the Bank a bit late and missed the Panthers, which was to my dismay. We caught the Caps with all their superstars on the ice, including Alex Ovechkin and friends. While I was shooting, Ovechkin shot a puck over the glass and Rachel pushed down some small children and a man in a wheel chair to get her hands on it! I’ll have some pics of that later.

We later went to the game in the evening where we stomped the Caps 7-4, Booth had a 5 point night and Emminger and Tarnasky scored their first goals of the season which puts down every regular playing Panther with a goal for the season. Best game we had been to all year and it only took them 82 tries. Looks like we will be losing some of the guys to free agency, including Jay Bouwmeester.


360 Forged and

In light of recent events involving an automotive wheel company that I used to work for, I think that this was the inevitable. I’ve recently teamed up with a more reputable wheel company based out of Miami, you may have heard of 360 Forged, if not stop browsing that knitting forum and get with it. I contacted Will Stern at 360 Forged and offered to help him with some rig shots. They had an impressive fleet of cars parked outside their kendall office including a super clean blue Chevy Corvette Z06 that is featured below. Will and I set up the rig and snapped a few shots while dodging work trucks that were leaving the construction site just up the road. It was definitely a good experience working with a photographer that actually knows what the hell they are doing. Photo credit and post processing is credited to Will Stern, check out his Flickr



I came across a current issue of ESPN Magazine and I was a bit inspired by the cover photo. Of course, the Montreal Canadiens are a team that I hate with everything inside me, but I can appreciate the love and passion they have for the game. The article highlights Canadiens’ goaltender Carey Price who they claim is the lonliest man in sports due to his laid back attitude, even when the pressure is on from the media and fans, Price shows little to no emotion, which helps as he is front and center on one of the biggest stages in the hockey world.  Aside from the informative article on the Hab’s goaltender, the thing that really caught my eye were the stunning photos that were captured for the article. I’ve attached a behind the scenes video of the shoot and the cover image that was used in the issue, pick one up or check it out at your local bookstore, you wont be disappointed!


Canon 5D w/accessories For Sale!!!!

With my recent upgrade to the 5D Mark II, things have been a bit crowded in my camera bag. With that said its time to get rid of the veteran which has served me very well over the years. My Canon 5D is officially for sale, its time to say goodbye to a legend. Okay not really. I’m just trying to recooperate some of the funds that I spent on the Mark II by selling the 5D. The camera is in perfect working condition with only a few wear and tear blemishes that are pictured here. I’m sure one of the millions and millions of people that view this blog will be interested in this camera.

The package includes:

5D body
battery grip
(2) batteries
(2) chargers
(1) Sandisk 2gig memory card
Original Box with all manuals
Canon strap

Asking $1,500.00 obo
Please contact me at with any questions or inquiries.


Goodbye HCI!

I have officially submitted my last pieces of work to HCI Magazine. The final cover features Jason Siu’s RHD DC2 which Gene, Rachel and I went on a cannonball run to Orlando to shoot which included sleeping in the Tundra in a parking lot, drinks flying at rental cars on the Turnpike, and Fung’s wedding.

After so many years of putting hard work and time into the book, it was cool to open a magazine and know that the majority of the time, I had a major role in how the book was put together. I guess all good things must come to an end.

Grab an issue of the final issue of HCI on stands now!@!