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Despite my slanted eyes and my yellow skin, 25 years living in Miami, Florida has officially rendered me white washed, it’s true. I don’t speak any Chinese, although my mother does, and my Jamaican accent is embarrassing to say the least (please hold all of your bombaclaats). But I did learn how to count to ten in Chinese which has stuck with me over the years.

Usually, when I am on the road with Preston Li from he always schools me on why I am Chinese. No, really, the guy is like an encyclopedia for Chinese people. One of his many lessons that he lectured me about was the superstition that Chinese people don’t like the number four because the Chinese word or four sounds just like the word for death. This is the complete opposite for the number eight as it sounds similar to the Chinese word for LUCKY.

This is so convenient for China. If you haven’t heard, they are hosting the Summer Olympic games this year in that crazy plastic building. Any idea on when the games started? You guessed it 8-8-08! The luckiest day of the year. The opening ceremonies were televised this evening on NBC and we were dazzled as expected. Some of the most elaborate choreography and stage set-ups I have ever seen! If you missed it, you might want to think about getting a TV, and while you are at it, get a cell phone too, get rid of that beeper.

Thats pretty much all I have to say about the China games, unless Preston schools me on something else about it. I’ll keep you guys posted!