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08 and Tjin Edition!

The Tjin Edition Skyline went live today on I shot this mean machine while I was up in Carlisle for their Style and Performance show, same time when I shot the Turtle Wax Cobalt. The weather that weekend was soo cold, but overcast all weekend which made it easy to shoot. This Skyline is truly one of a kind, there is so many hours of manual labor and custom fabrication put into this car, its mind boggling. Neil Tjin really did a number on this Skyline, which will be up for auction in Carlisle later next year, I am expecting this sucker to end up selling for a decent amount of money. You should hear the things that people say about this car as they try to figure out what the hell it is, if you haven’t already had a chance to check this thing out in person, you may already be too late, for now click the links! Check out the full feature here.


Neil Tjin Loves Me

Neil Tjin was in town this past week, and if you haven’t heard, he is now working for Theory Concept which means Phil Luis is now his boss, sucker. We all went out to eat on Wednesday night at Bangkok City, which happens to be all of our favorite restaurant. The usual antics went down with Toxxin Erik, Rachel Young, Emilio, Phil Luis, James Poole, and the rest of the family. As we were having dinner, Neil expressed his opinion about receiving photos from me. The video is self explanatory. Nothing major just a short funny video of Neil being stupid as usual. Lots more to come this weekend, stay tuned, all nine of you who read this!


Take It To the LIMit!

As promised, here are a few samples from Justin Lim’s HCI Magazine cover shoot, we shot at some bus stop thing. One of the bus drivers stopped to hang out with us and told us that he gets paid $100,000.00 a year to drive a bus, why am I taking pictures? Enjoy!