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Orlando Weekend!

This past weekend Phil Luis and I took a quick road trip to Orlando for Battle of The Imports at the Orlando Speedway. While we were in town, we also took the opportunity to stop by some of the local stops up there and we even found time to shoot a car! On Saturday as soon as we reached Orlando we went straight to the newly relocated Reign store where we met the usual cast of characters who were still busy putting the finishing touches on the new spot. Their new spot is convenient because its just a few stores down from a Lollicup, which is another stop that we always try to make when we are in Orlando. While we were doing some light shopping at Reign, the guys invited us to stick around to check out a new product model photoshoot that was to take place after hours. We agreed, and stuck around to see the behind the scenes action. The two girls were cute, and worked well in front of the camera, operated by Mike Begonia who gave me a few tips on shooting with a backdrop which should make for interesting new projects here at the house.

The next morning Phil and I woke up and went straight to the track after an interesting morning at a safari themed McDonalds. The event was, well, eventful. Crashes, fast cars, fires, and seeing old friends pretty much summed up the time at the track.

After a long, hot, day at the track we made our way back to a location I found near Universal Studios to shoot Roger Nakada’s Amuse Widebody S2000! I’ll have more photos up later, check out the teaser and the other behind the scenes photos for now!


Two Wongs DO Make a Right!

The guys at have officially called all Honda S2000 owners out. With this, their 400+hp secret weapon. Land, sea, and air, no one is safe! Now showcasing their silver spectacle is who deems this S2000 worthy of a P2W (power to weight) feature. Click the links and check out the photos!


Did some work with the guys over at last week. Shot their car for them before it gets parted out, this S2000 is sooooo clean, I love it! Check out some of the shots.


SEMA LEAK: Tjin Edition 2009 Honda Fit

Sorry about the 30 minute teaser before, the guys from Tjin Edition saw the leaky photos and threatened to send anthrax to my house, just kidding. Check out this new teaser!


SEMA Leak: Tjin Edition Honda Fit

oooh! I got in trouble for posting pics too soon! soo sorry!

08 !

Everyone who knows Devon Spencer hates his guts, myself included. But he did manage to build a decent looking RSX. After shooting his car in 50 different locations, I finally managed to finish the photos and got it up on, the same people that I work for. Check out the full feature online!


Take It To the LIMit!

As promised, here are a few samples from Justin Lim’s HCI Magazine cover shoot, we shot at some bus stop thing. One of the bus drivers stopped to hang out with us and told us that he gets paid $100,000.00 a year to drive a bus, why am I taking pictures? Enjoy!