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Bye Bye Panthers :(

Rachel and I went to the Bank Atlantic Center Saturday morning for the Panthers/Capitals practice, which is open to the public. This was the final Panthers practice of the season, as we missed the playoffs by ONE POINT!! I brought the markII with me to get some good shots, unfortunately they had the strobes at the arena on a different channel, so I couldn’t use my pocket wizard to get some extra light.

We got to the Bank a bit late and missed the Panthers, which was to my dismay. We caught the Caps with all their superstars on the ice, including Alex Ovechkin and friends. While I was shooting, Ovechkin shot a puck over the glass and Rachel pushed down some small children and a man in a wheel chair to get her hands on it! I’ll have some pics of that later.

We later went to the game in the evening where we stomped the Caps 7-4, Booth had a 5 point night and Emminger and Tarnasky scored their first goals of the season which puts down every regular playing Panther with a goal for the season. Best game we had been to all year and it only took them 82 tries. Looks like we will be losing some of the guys to free agency, including Jay Bouwmeester.


Reasons Why I Love Canada

Spent the weekend in Montreal for SCP, it was a nice change of scenery from the blandness of Miami. The streets were decorated from head to toe in Canadiens colors, reminding everyone that the Habs have been around for 100 years, probably why their names are engraved on the Stanley Cup the most. Check out the Ketchup flavored chips, and the massive amounts of hockey gear at one of the local sports stores downtown, these are things you don’t normally see everyday in Miami. Check out the Panthers jersey on display in the sports store, apparently they change the jersey according to the team that the Canadiens are playing next, I left the same day the Cats were in town to play the Habs. Despite the frigid weather, I had an absolute blast this weekend in one of my favorite cities in the world.


Bank Atlantic Center

Checked out the only HOME Florida Panthers preseason game last night vs. the New York Islanders, Tomas Vokoun was an animal in the net, while our offense really stepped it up and put six passed the Islanders. We went up to check out our seats in the Lexus Club, but our names weren’t engraved yet, hopefully they will be ready for the start of the season on Saturday night. Check out this shot of the arena!



Hockey season (NHL) starts in about ten days or so, needless to say I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED. And to go along with my NHL Center Ice Package from Directv, I’ve also just received my Florida Panthers Season tickets in the mail in preparation for the upcoming season. I also got a fresh Panthers jacket and some other goodies included with the tickets, we (mom and I) will also have our names engraved into our seats in the arena, a new feature for the 08-09 season which we are excited about, I’ll include pics later. GO CATS GO!