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4 Fast 4 Furious (wtf?!)

I’m slightly at a loss for words after seeing this amazing (not) trailer for Fast and Furious (4). If you’ve kept up with this “high octane” movie saga then you’d know that this has turned into more of a joke than a serious movie, kind of like the last couple Batman movies that were made before they pressed the reset button with Batman Begins. What is everyone’s thing with Vin Diesel? and Paul Walker? Has Universal considered hiring people who are actually GOOD at acting?

In this installment of the Fast and the Furious, Dominic and his gang hijack another truck filled with valuable goods (gasoline) in order to sell it all so they can overnight parts from Japan, SICK!  This is just like the first film, minus the driving under the trailers and the neon clad Honda Civics. Wasn’t I at a loss for words? They can’t be serious about this, watch it and make up your own minds about this ridiculousness.