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0-60 Magazine and

Shot this as a tech install recently for 0-60 Magazine and at This Porsche 996 was treated with a set of KW coilovers and the first set of one lug wheels in Florida! Along with this thing looking good, it performed well also, and the body was super clean and well kept. You can check out the printed version of this photo this month in 0-60 Magazine, if you’ve already seen it you are one step ahead of me, I think a Barnes and Noble run is in order today.


i’m still alive, I promise

I know I’ve been slacking with this stupid blog, but I have been staying busy, sort of. A few weeks back we went up to Tampa Bay for HIN Nightshift. While we were there we caught a glimpse of this bad mother trucker. This Lexus was rocking a high horsepower engine swap with a handful of one off parts. I’ve been eyeing this location for years but never had a chance to shoot anything there, this time I made an effort to find something worthy of this location. I think the Lexus did well.

For the Strobist, I shot everything in strips with two Canon 580EX’s. it was tough shooting on the gunmetal, it was difficult to get all the photos to have the same look, this shot was the best from the set, you’ll be lucky if you see any more.


360 Forged and

In light of recent events involving an automotive wheel company that I used to work for, I think that this was the inevitable. I’ve recently teamed up with a more reputable wheel company based out of Miami, you may have heard of 360 Forged, if not stop browsing that knitting forum and get with it. I contacted Will Stern at 360 Forged and offered to help him with some rig shots. They had an impressive fleet of cars parked outside their kendall office including a super clean blue Chevy Corvette Z06 that is featured below. Will and I set up the rig and snapped a few shots while dodging work trucks that were leaving the construction site just up the road. It was definitely a good experience working with a photographer that actually knows what the hell they are doing. Photo credit and post processing is credited to Will Stern, check out his Flickr


im still alive!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Like I had told you before, I’m not living the wild and luxurious life I want to be. Meanwhile, I’ve tried my hand at some time lapse videos, this is from Christmas (obviously) next up I will put the HD movie feature on the Mark II to good use. This is my first attempt at anything that isnt one frame per second so go easy on me! I added a little bit of my favorite junior high school band the Smashing Pumpkins to the mix also. Hope you like!


Canon 5D w/accessories For Sale!!!!

With my recent upgrade to the 5D Mark II, things have been a bit crowded in my camera bag. With that said its time to get rid of the veteran which has served me very well over the years. My Canon 5D is officially for sale, its time to say goodbye to a legend. Okay not really. I’m just trying to recooperate some of the funds that I spent on the Mark II by selling the 5D. The camera is in perfect working condition with only a few wear and tear blemishes that are pictured here. I’m sure one of the millions and millions of people that view this blog will be interested in this camera.

The package includes:

5D body
battery grip
(2) batteries
(2) chargers
(1) Sandisk 2gig memory card
Original Box with all manuals
Canon strap

Asking $1,500.00 obo
Please contact me at with any questions or inquiries.