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i’m still alive, I promise

I know I’ve been slacking with this stupid blog, but I have been staying busy, sort of. A few weeks back we went up to Tampa Bay for HIN Nightshift. While we were there we caught a glimpse of this bad mother trucker. This Lexus was rocking a high horsepower engine swap with a handful of one off parts. I’ve been eyeing this location for years but never had a chance to shoot anything there, this time I made an effort to find something worthy of this location. I think the Lexus did well.

For the Strobist, I shot everything in strips with two Canon 580EX’s. it was tough shooting on the gunmetal, it was difficult to get all the photos to have the same look, this shot was the best from the set, you’ll be lucky if you see any more.


im still alive!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Like I had told you before, I’m not living the wild and luxurious life I want to be. Meanwhile, I’ve tried my hand at some time lapse videos, this is from Christmas (obviously) next up I will put the HD movie feature on the Mark II to good use. This is my first attempt at anything that isnt one frame per second so go easy on me! I added a little bit of my favorite junior high school band the Smashing Pumpkins to the mix also. Hope you like!