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HIN Miami 2008

Things were crazy last week with HIN in town. I was in charge of setting things up for the booth at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Our t shirt sales did well, part of that was in thanks to Rachel, Lactose, and Megan. And lets not forget the Nissan GTR that was parked in the booth also. The usual Miami characters were in attendance with their rides, as well as some new comers who we were impressed with. Check out the white EK on the CCW wheels! After the show, we all went to Pizza Rustica for some grub with the gang including Joey Redmond and Will Roegge, good times and good food as usual. Check out my coverage on!

On a side note. Wheels Boutique had these banners in their booth showing off some of the Vossen Forged wheels with photo credit to yours truly! Thanks Kiko!


Canon 5D w/accessories For Sale!!!!

With my recent upgrade to the 5D Mark II, things have been a bit crowded in my camera bag. With that said its time to get rid of the veteran which has served me very well over the years. My Canon 5D is officially for sale, its time to say goodbye to a legend. Okay not really. I’m just trying to recooperate some of the funds that I spent on the Mark II by selling the 5D. The camera is in perfect working condition with only a few wear and tear blemishes that are pictured here. I’m sure one of the millions and millions of people that view this blog will be interested in this camera.

The package includes:

5D body
battery grip
(2) batteries
(2) chargers
(1) Sandisk 2gig memory card
Original Box with all manuals
Canon strap

Asking $1,500.00 obo
Please contact me at with any questions or inquiries.


Singing Gene Tjin!

Seen Gene Tjin ( lately?


F4 Challenge “The New Platform in Automotive Showmanship”

Do You and Your Ride Have What It Takes?

To all you automotive gear heads out there are you ready for a new and exciting platform that will change the way you think of automotive showmanship events. We are proud to introduce the all-new F4 Challenge, brought to you by Andy Goodman, founder of the NCCA and a team of elite automotive experts with more then fifty years of combined automotive experience.

The main criteria for the F4 Challenge will be based on fabrication, fitment, form and functionality. The highly skilled and qualified team of experts will be looking at these four fundamentals to determine the stand out vehicles in both the amateur and experienced classes.

The new F4 Challenge will focus on craftsmanship, execution, creativity, and construction which will make it possible for a mildly modified vehicle to be competitive against a highly modified vehicle. Gone are the days of over the top show cars, where quantity outweighed quality, and cars that were not built with functionality. No longer is it about how much money you spend on your car, but it is about how wisely your money is spent on planning, research and development. The F4 Challenge platform will also make it possible for all segments of automotives to participate, that’s right F4 will cater to import or domestic, truck or SUV, classic or modern, gas or hybrid, all automotive vehicles are all welcome. F4 will have just one rule, no stock vehicles will be allowed to participate, as the new F4 Challenge is designed for all types of custom motor vehicles

The F4Challlenge is here to lead the car show segment into a bright future. With an executive board of elite industry affiliates, which have been selected specifically for their expertise the F4 Challenge is about to set a new standard with its focus about the car builders who keep the automotive industry alive.

Stay tuned, as the F4 Challenge will be coming to a city near you in 2009.


I spent $3,000.00USD today!

On this! A Canon 5D Mark II!

My first experience will be tomorrow, I’ll post pics and a review then!

Here’s to you Mr. Siu.


Better Late Than Never

This is a post I’ve been meaning to put up for a while, just haven’t had the time to get around to it. Yes, I promised Post SEMA updates, but thats not going to happen now, there’s no sense in beating a dead horse, or something like that.

After SEMA we all went back to Irvine, California where I stayed the weekend before going back home to Miami. This worked out well because the Florida Panthers were in town playing the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday the ninth of November. This of course was an amazing opportunity to catch a road Panthers game which I am now trying to do at least once a year, but we will see if that happens. This all started last year when I was in Toronto at the same time the Panthers were in town. Getting tickets in Toronto wasn’t easy but we got it done.

Scoring tickets for the Ducks/Cats game was a bit easier, and we could actually see the entire ice, unlike the view from 30,000ft at the Air Canada Centre. It was cool to be in an opposing arena in a Panthers jersey, and then it was even cooler the fact that they beat the Ducks that night. David Booth, our hometown hero, netted a hat trick and won the game. Of course I was screaming up the place and going on bad.

Here are a few photos from Anaheim.