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Hot Import Nights Orlando!

I know I’m a bit late with this, oh well. HIN Orlando made its usual July Orlando stop for 2008. We always look forward to this show because its right in the middle of the year, and its usually a good time because everyone comes out for the show. This year was no different.

Preston from, Erin Gross, Arthur Chiang, and some of the Miami crew came up for the festivities along with myself and Rachel Young. The drive up was interesting, Phil Luis followed us up in his rental car while we had all sorts of baggage in the truck, and when I say baggage, I really mean Devon Spencer.

After setting up the booth on Friday afternoon we made a trip to our favorite Saki bar/lounge Tatame. Maggie, the owner, treated us like royalty as usual with a round of saki bombs that started off the night. We always try to make a stop at Tatame when we are in Orlando.

The show on Saturday was usual stuff, the Urban booth was drawing crowds all night along with the cars from all over the country. Check out the coverage here and on!


Racing Superstar Tony Kanaan!

A few months back, had me set up a shoot with IRL super star Tony Kanaan. Despite the high celebrity status that follows him from his decorated racing career, Kanaan and his team were extremely accomodating and down to earth. I shot only three of the many cars that he owns to make up a “Stable” feature in MLE. Kanaan brought out a Porsche Cayenne, Porsche GT3R, and a 700+ hp E46 M3. The M3 was manned by the hands that tuned the car, none other than Lance Ho Lung a long time Miami tuning legend.

Describing Kanaan’s cars as pristine would be a severe understatement. The floor mats looked as though occupants held their feet a few inches above so that they could preserve them. The rest of the cars went along in the same fashion. Impressive to say the least.

For more information on Tony Kanaan, check out his website at, or grab an issue of MLE on stands now! Check out some of the shots from the shoot.

08 !

Everyone who knows Devon Spencer hates his guts, myself included. But he did manage to build a decent looking RSX. After shooting his car in 50 different locations, I finally managed to finish the photos and got it up on, the same people that I work for. Check out the full feature online!


NOPI No More :(

For the time that I have been associated with the Sport Compact scene, I have seen many companies and organizations come and go. One company that has made a major impact on the scene by making huge efforts to bring drag racing, drift, and show competitions to locations all over the United States has suspended all other activities for the year. NOPI Motorsports released a statement explaining the details that brought this on.

I’ve made appearances at the NOPI Nationals for five consecutive years, and had already started making arrangements to attend this year until I caught wind of this news. A major hit for the Sport Compact scene. We always looked forward to doing the Nationals in Atlanta, it always brought our closest friends and family together on the east coast, rather than waiting for SEMA to come around.

Check out what NOPI had to say

“It is with great regret that NOPI Motorsports, LLC has suspended operations for the summer and fall 2008. This will include NOPI Drag Racing Series, NOPI Drift Series and the NOPI NATIONALS Motorsports Supershow. The company is undergoing an organizational restructuring in light of severe adverse affects of a disappointing spring season. The economy and unfavorable weather resulted in underperformance of all spring events. Michael Meyers, president of NOPI Motorsports, reports that NOPI Motorsports is working with its clients and sponsors to minimize the uncertainty going forward. This is a reflection of the economic times in which we currently live. The countrywide economic and industry downturn has caused a slowdown and tightening of belts. This affects everyone and companies, at all levels, and NOPI Motorsports is no different.”

For more information please visit Theory Concept’s Website.


Chinese People Play Ping Pong, Not Hockey!

This is what I can be found doing every Tuesday night down at the Suniland roller hockey rink. I had Rachel Young hold the camera up to the cage to catch some of the action, unfortunately it was the third period and we were on a power play so all of the action was in their zone. We also didn’t score despite being up a man, actually, I think they got a shorthanded goal on us, this is all pretty boring for you guys already so I’ll just leave it at this. I am in the red jersey picking up the puck behind the net as the video starts.

I have iPhone adventures coming up tomorrow, stay tuned for that!


Neil Tjin Loves Me

Neil Tjin was in town this past week, and if you haven’t heard, he is now working for Theory Concept which means Phil Luis is now his boss, sucker. We all went out to eat on Wednesday night at Bangkok City, which happens to be all of our favorite restaurant. The usual antics went down with Toxxin Erik, Rachel Young, Emilio, Phil Luis, James Poole, and the rest of the family. As we were having dinner, Neil expressed his opinion about receiving photos from me. The video is self explanatory. Nothing major just a short funny video of Neil being stupid as usual. Lots more to come this weekend, stay tuned, all nine of you who read this!


South Beach: Lincoln Road

Miami’s not very urban, but we do get a taste of that every now and then which I definitely appreciate, even at it’s worst. Rachel Young and I went down to the beach to have a drink last night and we ran into this guy playing the guitar and singing some random tunes. A cool sight to see in Miami for sure. It was cool to see the types of people that walked by in the video and their reactions to the man playing. Also, check out that permit he has pinned to his shirt, apparently, he actually has permission to be there.

I also ran into one of my friends while I was there, who is also a street performer. He told me its like a lottery that you apply for, if your name is picked, you get a permit to be street performer. I guess everywhere has to have rules.

Check this man out!

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